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How To Choose Pimple Marks Removal Cream For Mens

Skin problem is not only woman’s but also man’s. Pimple is one of the common skin problems and men also suffer from it. Pimple marks removal cream for mens now are available to help the gentlemen dealing with their pimple and pimple marks at its finest.

Even though pimple is not a death-threatening disease, it makes you suffer because it hurst when it’s forming. It also lower your confidence since it ruin your flawless skin. When it leave your skin, it gives you present, pimple marks. Discoloration on your skin is one of the form of pimple marks that you should get rid of.


The right pimple marks removal cream for mens

One of the cause you have pimple scar is picking at your pimple. However, it’s not the only one since there are acne lesions which are also prone to scarring. Thus, even if you leave it untouched, it will leave scars in anyway. One of them is cyctic pimple. This inflammatory acne gets trapped inside your skin, and it usually leave scars. When it’s forming, you will be painful.


However, pimple marks and scars are two different things. Pimple marks are shown by skin discoloration. For those who have dark skin, the marks appear are brown. Meanwhile, those who have fair skin tendo develop marks in a form of erythema. The color of the pimple marks on fair skin is red or purple. On the other hand, pimple scars are harder to handle and requre longer time to heal. In fact, it’s hard to remove pimple scars with conventional cream or serum unless laser theraphy.

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There is no differences between pimple marks on women and men. Both can suffer the same pimple and marks. However, men have thicker skin so they need pimple marks removal cream for mens. Here are the right cream for removing pimple marks:

  • Choose cream with glycolic or salicylic acid. Those properties will help exfoliating your skin. Thus, your new skin cells will be brought up to the surface. This type of cream is not hard to find that you can find over-the-counter products. Or, you may also see your dermatologist and ask for prescription for glycolic peel. It will help brightening the dark spots or pimple marks.
  • Choose cream with kojic acid to remove your pimple marks. Kojic acid is a lightening agent, derived from mushroom so it’s considered as natural remedies. There is no harmful side effects since it’s natural remedies so you can use is at its finest. Choosing cream containing natural ingredients will decrease the potential of irritation or inflammation.
  • Choose pimple marks removal cream for men with licorice extract. This agent is claimed to be beneficial in removing darks spots whether it’s due to pimple or aging.
  • Avoid cream containing hydroquinone. This is an ingredient which is usually used in some brightening creams. You can use it in low dosage but it’s not recommended for prolonged use since it has side effect, discoloration and thin skin. If you use any cream containing hydroquinone in long term, your skin will develop grey pigmentation.
  • Use cream pimple marks removal cream containing retinoid to help you remove pimple marks. Retinoid helps ability to brighten the skin. It also helps to heal the skin. You can find over the counter cream containing retinoid. It’s even better to choose the one containing melanonyzme as well since it can help to even out the skin tone. If you are unsure about the products, you can see your dermatologist to ask for the right prescription.
  • Sunscreen in your daily basis, especially the one with broad spectrum is a must. Sun exposure is not good for skin since it can make your skin develop dark spots. Sunscreen is also great in reducing scars or marks due to pimple or acne. If your pimple marks are exposed to the sunlight, they will be getting worse.
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Both women and men face the same skin problem even though most men tend to ignore their skin problem. Choosing the right pimple marks removal cream for men has no big differences just like for women. Besides, both women and men deserve flawless skin which can overflow their beauty.

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