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How to Cure Acne

How to Cure Acne

Acne is a chronic skin disorder that affects millions of people around the world. It is a common skin condition that may encourage personal anguish and lower the victim’s self esteem. As such, acne definitely needs a cure. But the truth is there is still no particular method that can cure acne, although the market is now littered with “cures for acne”. Even if you ask any dermatologist or a medical researcher in your place, they will surely tell you that a cure for acne does not yet exist.

Although there is an unknown cure for acne, you don’t need to be sad. Acne doesn’t have to control your life. Besides, a number of possible treatments for acne are out there and they can greatly aid the skin to recover. These treatments can’t cure acne instantly, but they can be of great help for getting rid of acne and improving the skin condition. There are also some steps that need to be taken to possibly cure acne, and these steps must be taken seriously and carefully as a wrong move will just worsen the condition.

One of the possible steps to cure acne is to consider the over-the-counter topical solutions. These treatments are actually applied directly to the skin and many have noted that they can cure acne as they help to alleviate it. In this sense, you can look for a gel or soap that is formulated with benzoyl peroxide since this may cure acne as it kills the P. acnes, acne-causing bacteria found on the skin.

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Perhaps the best possible step to help cure acne is to treat your skin tenderly. You should avoid squeezing, picking and rubbing your skin and the affected areas if you are really serious to cure acne. Always note that such moves will just encourage infection and leave acne scars that may last for a lifetime. You can also possibly cure acne by keeping your dirty fingers off your face. Then, try to avoid heavy oil-based cosmetics as well as creams that will be potent aggravators for clogging the pores. Some of the experts also suggest that you can also cure acne if you pay close attention to your diet, although there is no clear proof that will show diet as a culprit in acne.

However, if you have tried all of the possible ways to cure acne but found out in the end that still no improvement appears, you must then consider seeing a dermatologist. Depending on your condition and your needs, a dermatologist may prescribe the most effective solution to cure acne. Retin-A could be a potent treatment that can help cure acne as it is effective for banishing blemishes and pimples. And, there are also the alpha hydroxy acids, another topical cream that your doctor may prescribe as a cure for acne.

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