How To Pimple Marks Removal

Pimple Marks Removal Home Remedies

Pimple occurs everywhere. It can be on your face, neck, back, or shoulders. However, you can try pimple marks removal home remedies instead of using expensive-chemical products. Pimple itself is a swelling on the surface of the skin. It is filled with some bacterias as well as pus. The main cause of pimple is the excess sebum secretion produced by sebaceous glands. Having pimple on your face and other parts of body is common and it’s not critical condition anyway. However, you must be feel uncomfortable since it causes pain as well as reduce your self-esteem. That’s why getting rid of pimple and its mark is important.

Tips for pimple marks removal home remedies

Every skin of people is different. The way they react to some beauty or medication products is also different. Besides, those who are the most frequent suffering from pimple are teenagers. Thus, putting chemical products on their young skin will be too harsh for them. So here are some home remedies you can try to remove pimple scars:

  • Lemon, the yellow round fruit is the source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Thus, it’s good for healthy skin. It can help regenerate skin cells. Thus, the new layer of the skin will appear and this is one of the best pimple marks removal home remedies. Besides, lemon is also good to prevent pimple to appear on your skin again. You can mix the juice of lemon with cinamon powder. Then, use cotton balls to dab the mixture onto your skin gently. Don’t need to rub it harshly. Just dab the marks gently then leave it for about 15 to 30 minutes. Wash your skin with lukewarm water until all the mixture disappear from your skin. You cna repeat this treatment twice a week before going to bed.
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  • Tomato is the fruit containing various vitamins like vitamin C and A. This fruit is great for your skin as it contains antioxidant which can prevent your skin from early-aging. It is also good for treating pimples as well as the marks or scars left after the pimple gone. You can slice up a tomato into pieces then place the pieces on the pimple marks. Leave the pieces on your skin for about 15 minutes then wash off your face using fresh and clean water. Do this regularly at least twice a week. It’s even better to drink tomato juice in your routine though.


  • Aloevera is one of the infamous pimple marks removal home remedies. It helps sooth skin from inflammation or overheating, and also remove the pimple scars. You can casually pick out aloe vera from your backyard. Remove the torns then wash it until the yellow fluid disappear. Then, use the gel inside to be applied onto your skin, especially where the pimple marks are. Gently massage the affected area so the gel can get absorbed into the skin properly. Then, leave it till dry and wash your skin with fresh water.


  • Ice cube is also good for pimple marks removal home remedies. It helps soothing red skin due to the previous pimples. Instead of plain ice cube, you may add another ingredients such as lemon juice or greentea. It helps regenerating your skin and reduce inflammation. Just gently rub the ice cube onto your skin then leave it till you feel a little bit numb. Then wash your skin with fresh water. Ice cube also helps tighten the pore of your skin so dirt cannot easily come clogging the pore and causing pimple to appear.
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The pink spot on your skin known as pimple can be removed even though it’s actually dry out itself. However, it leaves marks and scars which can be so visible. If the marks aren’t treated properly, they may stay on your skin for a very long time. You can say that there are over-the-counter products claimed to be the best in pimple marks removing. However, you may consider using pimple marks removal home remedies to treat your pimple scars. The benefit of using natural remedies is they are lack of side effects like stinging, burning, itchy skin. Natural remedies are free from chemical so they lessen the chance of the skin from being affected by harmful products.

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